Sunset 0% Dual Pricing / Cash Discounting For Clover POS

Sunset 0% Dual Pricing Cash Discounting

Martha’s Vineyard EZ Pay is offering to our Clover merchants our Sunset 0% processing fees Cash Discounting option. This is offered in the Green Piggy Bank App by MyBMR that eliminates Clover merchants expenses by allowing customers to pay the full non cash total at checkout. Then offering a discount should the customer pay with cash.

Please note, this is not surcharging as it is illegal in the state of Massachusetts. You can offer a discount to your customers for using cash but you may not increase the cost of using a credit card. For your dual pricing model to be compliant, you must advertise the credit card price to your customers.

You can now lower processing fees by using our Clover POS system to reduce your overall costs. Cash Discount offers the small business owner a way to recoup most of the cost associated with accepting digital payments.

MyBMR APP Green Piggy Bank Clover Sunset 0% No Card Processing Fees
For your dual pricing model to be compliant, you must advertise the credit card price to your customers

Dual Pricing Cash Discounting Video:

Clover POS Cash Discount App:

Clover Sunset 0% No Card Processing Fees How It Works

Dual Pricing Rate To The Customer = 4%. 
A $100 (sale) X 4% = $104, amount charged to your customer’s card. 

Discount Rate To The Merchant = 3.8461%.
Merchant is billed 3.8461% on the $104 (104 X 3.8461% = $3.999944 = a $4 fee) charged to you the merchant which equals the $4.00 billed to the cardholder – merchant amount equates to the consumer amount. $104.00 (settled) minus (-) $4.00 (discount rate)= $100 (merchant net funded)

Installing The Clover Cash Discount App Video:

Martha’s Vineyard EZ Pay Will Get You Started:

1 – We set up your 3.8461% discount rate when we board your Clover Account. We will set your account with a Daily Discount.

2 – You will choose the Essentials Plan ($14.95 a mo) or higher in your Clover dashboard.

3 – You will download the Green PiggyBank App by MyBMR ($19.95 per mo.) and follow the prompts.

Clover Cash Discount App

Clover No Fees App Highlights:

  • Fully compliant with “Cash Discounting” guidelines

  • Dramatically Reduce processing fees: Recoup the majority of the fees incurred for payment processing

  • Easy to print and use signage for the point of sale and storefront
  • BONUS: Integrated Customer Rewards Program included with SMS and email features
  • BONUS: Invoice customers directly from the app great for Service Industry

  • BONUS: Label printing directly from the app with any of Clover already integrated Label Printers.

Get Started With Clover No Fees Today!

Greg G Kapitan of Martha's Vineyard EZ Pay

What makes our Sunset 0% Processing Fees Dual Pricing Cash Discounting option from Martha’s Vineyard EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only directly from Clover/Fiserv on the corporate level, but also yours truly on the local level. Greg G. Kapitan. Call or text me anytime at: 508-221-6356.

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