Clover Scan to Pay With A Smartphone

Customer Self Ordering Clover Scan to Pay

Turn Tables Faster

If you’re a full service restaurant, learn how Clover Scan to Pay allows customers to pay with their Smartphones. Scan to Pay, an exciting new way for your guests to settle their bill right at the table, with Apple Pay.

Turn tables faster and give your guests the freedom to dine, pay, and dash. This is available only with Clover Dining.

In today’s digitally driven world, small businesses need to leverage innovative solutions to stay competitive. QR codes for businesses have emerged as a versatile tool that can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and boost marketing efforts.

Martha’s Vineyard EZ Pay will get your business set up with Scan to Pay. Call or text Greg G Kapitan at anytime, 508.221.6356.

The Clover Scan to Pay customer self ordering

Scan the code

The Scan the code Clover Scan to Pay

Guests scan the QR code on their bill with iPhone camera

Pay with smartphone

Pay with smartphone tap to pay

Pay directly from their iPhone via Apple Pay. No app needed

Get notified

Get notified

Instantly receive a payment notification on all Clover devices

Dash and leave

Dash and leave with Clover Scan To Pay

Guests are all set, servers are free to attend to other tables

Clover Scan to Pay is Good For Everyone

The Clover Scan to Pay Phone and receipt

Scan to Pay. Good For Your Customers and Good For Your Business

  • More time and less work
    Scan and go payments reduces labor needed to take care of guest bills and frees your servers to turn more tables.
  • Free up staff
    Turning tables faster means potential for more revenue per shift, and that means more tips for your servers. Enjoy the benefit of less time running back and forth with the bill.
  • No extra cost
    The Scan to Pay feature is part of Clover Dining, so there’s no additional cost.
  • A great payment experience
    Scan and go technology is more secure than cash—because we notify you when the bill is paid.
  • Dine ‘n dash is redefined
    Guests pay on their time, at their table. With Scan to Pay, there is no exchange of credit cards, no more waiting, and no stress for servers.

Your Customers Will Love It

Create An Easy Check Out Experience

  • Perfect for any table or curbside pickup
    Our Clove Scan to Pay system works anywhere your customers have an internet or data connection. In addition to indoor dining, you can offer curbside pickup and delivery.
  • The ultimate in fraud protection
    This feature is PCI-compliant and benefits from the latest and best in advanced fraud protection. This includes credit card tokenization and point-to-point card info encryption.
scan to pay by clover with people at table

Clover Will Run Your Entire Restaurant

clover scan to pay will run restaurant smarter

Simple and Efficient!

  • No more data entry
    Clover Scan to Pay integrates seamlessly with many of the accounting, sales, and customer relationship management tools. Setting you already use to run your business more efficiently.
  • Gracias, merci, and xièxiè
    The multilingual support, you’ll never need an interpreter when the bill time comes. The entire transaction happens in the preferred language of each customer’s phone. Way cool this is!
  • Expandable as much as needed
    Want to run your restaurant easier? With the Clover App Market, you can choose from hundreds of apps from happy hour schedulers to delivery management tools to reservation platforms. And so much more!

Table Service Simplified

Clover scan to pay person checkout

Get Clover Scan to Pay Today!

Greg G Kapitan of Martha's Vineyard EZ Pay

What makes receiving Clover Scan to Pay from Martha’s Vineyard EZ Pay so good? Getting double support. Not only directly from Clover/Fiserv on the corporate level, but also yours truly on the local MV level. Greg G. Kapitan. You can call or text me at: 508.221.6356 at anytime.

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